MP4 movies over 2GB will not play



I use DVD Ripper Platinum 4.0.87 to encode all my movies to MP4 format for playing on my PS3 (via Twokny Media Server off a Buffalo NAS).

I use the PS3 480P Excellent profile for conversions and everything works well, unless the file exceeds 2GB in size. ImToo will convert the file to completion quite happily, but the resulting file will not play on any of my media players on Windows XP from the hard drive, or on the PS3 via the media server.

Now I know I can reduce the bit rate to reduce the file size, but I would prefer the higher quality in a single file.

What is going wrong here, can anybody help please?


If you want to have a high quality movie, you can choose the 720P profile. Make sure you don’t modify the “Advanced profile settings”. Use the default settings of the profile you choose.
If you still have the problem, please try to reduce the level.
I hope it could help you.


But won’t the 720P profile create even bigger output files? The problem only occurs with 480P when the file size goes above 2GB. So surely taking a movie that creates a >2GB file at 480P will create an even bigger file at 720P.

Are you saying there is a 2GB limit with 480P files that does not affect 720P files?

What I am trying to establish here is what is stopping the file working when it gets larger than 2GB? Is it something to do with the converter, a restriction of the file format, an inherant problem with Windows filesystems or inadequate player software?


2GB is probably too large for the file system. Is there an option to break it down to smaller chunks, like they do with the VOB files of a standard DVD?


This is what I’m thinking, but ImToo is happily creating files, within the file system larger than 2GB with no errors. Windows explorer is reporting the filesize correctly, just nothing will play it.

Sadly, with a PS3 as my player, breaking it into smaller chunks isn’t an option, as currently it only plays 1 file then stops. No option to play a sequence of files. So watching a movie broken into blocks and having to restart play for each section wouldn’t really be a satisfactory experience. A bit like going back to the days of changing reels at the cinema.

I have squeezed some films under 2GB by dropping the bit rate from 2500 to 2000 without that noticable a drop in quality, but some are still too big at 2000.

So I am keen to find out what exactly is the limiting factor to see if I can avoid it and have long films at reasonable quality on my server.


IMO, I’d try a different/better converting method, works for Xbox 360 as well as playing or streaming to PS3…


Actually, there’s no limitation on the output file size.
Did you keep the default settings when converting? If this still have the problem. Could you please change the profile to another and to find if it is could play on your PC?