MP4 File Sizes

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum and the whole DVD ripping process. I downloaded the trial version of DVDFab and tried ripping a movie (main title only) to my hard drive using the mobile setting for PS3. The output file is an mp4 that’s right around 1GB in size. The quality looks good when I play it in my PS3, but I’m just wondering why the file is so small. I’ve tried DVDShrink and Handbrake, and the output files are closer to 3GB. Is DVDFab better at compression, or am I doing something wrong?


Hi Desperado72 and welcome,

No, you’re not doing anything wrong. One of the big advantages of DVD to Mobile conversions is being able to reduce the file size, yet maintain viewing quality.

I don’t use the PS3 profiles at all, just Ipod for me, but there are a great many variables and limitations.
You probably used the default settings, but after you click on [B]Next[/B] > click on [B]Conversion Settings[/B]
You’ll see a number of parameteres for conversion settings.
The lower left corner, just above audio, note the slider for adjustment of [B]kbps [/B]and [B]MB[/B]. You can play with either setting within certain limits depending on a particular device and profile.

Feel free to experiment, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…:wink:

Thanks man, that’s great to hear! I have around 400 DVDs, so this is going to save me a TON of space!


You rip DVD which is mpeg2 format, mobile conversion make mpeg4 which is highly compressed format.
It is quite normal to get main title (movie only) on 700MB CD.