MP4 Demuxers

There are many opinions at video forums posted from 2004 to 2006, but today, July 2007, which one of the following is the most developed AVC/AAC or AVC/AC3 in an .mp4-container demuxer (not counting Matroska demuxing qualities, only MP4)? I noticed that Gabest’s latest splitter is from March 2006. Haali on the other hand released lots and lots of fixes/updates this year. Which one is the best today in your opinion? And why? (cpu usage, ability to demux SkyHD/Pro7HD/BBCHD/other AVC-TS, what are your experiences?)

  • Haali Media Splitter latest version
  • Gabest MP4 Splitter latest version
  • The newer “HDTVDump” demuxer latest version

Please feel free to suggest better ones. But let me know about the ones above as well if you like.

What’s wrong with Haali’s?

Nothing so far. It’s just a theoretical question. I just would like to hear about issues and experiences with these and other existing MP4 demuxers in their [B]current[/B] stages of development. :slight_smile: