MP3Tunes launches 300,000 song DRM-Free online music shop



I just posted the article MP3Tunes launches 300,000 song DRM-Free online music shop.

  At present, nearly  every music download store available uses some sort of DRM and so far all these  stores only support certain DRM-enabled players.  For example music from ...
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i`m actually willing to give this thing a try. sounds pretty awsome:)


Who really cares if they have major label support; if the music is good, the price is right. I Hope this works because independent bands need some way to be heard as well. The non-major label support is a good thing in my opinion because that means they don’t control who gets distributed. Think about it, do we really need another site where you can download more teen-age bubble-gum pop, or whiny; look at me, i’m so deep rock?


This actually sounds great - using a widespread format with better quality than the competing companies AND once you purchase the song, it’s YOURS. The locker is a great idea too, since most download companies don’t have much of an insurance policy when it comes to your computer being wiped. This all coming from a person who uses P2P too… And one who has purchased just under 300 cds before the age of 20… :wink: