What happened?

Anyone know what’s happening? Could someome please translate the ‘sticky’ on the site?


Edit: Removed embedding of the image, as its host currently resolves to an IP of, which is both a private IP and the IP of some routers and gateways. As a result, the attempted displaying of this image may bring up a router login box if the user has a router configured with this IP.

Something like this. “Shop is closed for inspection, sorry. Administration of a site.”

:confused: So does that means is “forever” closed??? !!! :sad:
I need and miss that web page!!
Does somebody knows about any similar webpage?? mostly rock und metal musik :slight_smile:

Well, it appears they are back in business…

Or maybe not… I can’t log in to listen or buy. At least search is up…

YEY!!! koooooooool!!!
I’m happy again :D!!!

Has anyone upgraded to the Priceless Plan at ? I did the other day, and I’m having speed problems now. I’m using ADSL2 and thats super fast, I could download 8 files at once with FlashGet, all at 136kbs each, but just over the last day or 2, I’m getting speeds on 5 or 6ks only :confused: does anyone know the tech email for these people, as there support page isnt very reliable, I posted there in April,and havent heard a word yet :confused: I wonder if its because their server is full or something ?

I think the whole unlimited thing is a scam. your better off sticking to the basic download system. Im getting about the same speeds you are, and have the highest DSL service you can get. You will actually wind up getting less music for the same amount of money.

Yes your right! I couldnt switch back to the normal plan,so I deleted my account on the upgrade,and created a new account, now I’m back to the super fast downloads again, I’ll stay away from that unlimited joke,and stick to the pay per album plan :cop:

Another interesting discovery I made this morning, I was downloading Albums,and got down to my last $5.40 so at that point I made a decission to swith to the unlimited plan to see what would happen. Everything worked like before, all Top Speed downloads,and I managed to snatch another 1.5GB of music downloading each file at sometimes 333kbps :cool: but then after this extra amount of downloading my speed suddenly dropped again down to 12-15kbps. I’m wondering if its a time limit or data limit per day or something, I’ve logged out for now, but I’ll log in again later,maybe tomorrow,and report what speeds I get when I log in again. I have Other accounts with on the regular plan,so if the unlimited remains slow, I’ll throw it out,and stick with the simple plan :bow:

Hey, guys, why I use Mp3 City and like it much better. I think it is cheaper and faster. i am using it now for more than 2 months and am very satisfied with it. There are always so many new albums and stuff. :flower:

How is thier Psytrance,and darkpsy seletion Michellin? BTW i got disconected from the server again just now. It’s 10:23 pm ATM.

Hi Tweet176! I do not really understand what you mean by psytrance and darkpsy. What’s that? Some kinf of music? well, go there and check it out. I don’t know. I just look for music that i like, but i know they have lots of different things, some, i have never even heard of.

Tweet176 I just logged into mp3spy again this evening, and for the first couple of minutes I was downloading at the maximum speed,but after just 2 Albums its slowed right down again, it must be a server full issue, or either that they have a limit that they forgot to mention :rolleyes:

Hey, guys! Why do you go to mp3spy? there is so many cool music sites wich are so much better than that, and they are cheaper. I know lots of them, cause i am a music freak, i gues. Let me give you are tip on some of them.

I think they are rather cool. Check it out!!!:slight_smile: And Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!

anyone check out the sites Michellin suggested?

MP3Spy was working fine until yesterday. I can add albums to the basket but when I go to my basket nothing is there to download :frowning: Anyone else having this problem?

Hi Jonny, Sorry took so long to Answer your question, but I hadnt used mp3spy for a while, but I just logged in today, and I tried to make a payment with my Mastercard, but I think Mastercard & Visa have blocked mp3spy as I cant use my card, there is no option for it anymore :confused: The only option to pay is in Russian, and my browser said it wasnt a Secure Site anymore, and Besides I cant read Russian, So I think mp3spy is Done and busted :sad:

That were times when my ISP advertised mp3spy in their store…

And some streets away from that, tables with all the new illegal DVDs…

//sry for digging this thread

I’m also sorry for digging this thread but it seems like something is once again wrong with the page. I mean can you log into ? Does anybody know whats wrong this time and when it will be fixed?