MP3Shield Runtime Error

I have downloaded MP3 shield and before installing sp2 for xp it worked fine. Now I recieve an error when trying to open the problem, It reads:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library:
Runtime Error!


abnormal program termination.

I have searched all over the web unable to find a solution, could someone please shed some light on the situation.

I have noticed that a few people have the same problem but there is still no posted solution, PLEASE HELP!!!

Is there any reason why no one is responding to my thread??? Or doesnt anyone know anything??? :frowning:

Or is there any other program that i can use to filter out corrupted mp3’s while downloading like MP3 Shield does???

Please need help!!!

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ok bitch

not 100% sure but i think the problem is caused by norton antivirus. i had 2002 on my comp a while back and after temporarily disabling it i no longer received the error.

I had the same problem. You have to delete all old .dat files in your shared folder than it will work. I hope i could help you!

i have the same prob,

remove a dat file u say?

I had an older version of kazaalite then i wanted the version with the mp3shield.
I uninstalled the old one and installed the new one but the mp3shield didn`t work.
The problem was that after the installation the .dat files from the old version were still there (that are the files which are not already finished ).
You have to delete all .dat files in your shared folder (c:\my shared folder) then start the
download again in the new kazaalite.

yeah i did what ya said a while back it worked, but kazaa is just to fucked up now, mp3shield doesnt filter the newer corrupt songs, and there are jsut to much corrupt files, couldnt find a single decent song… i use limewire now, preciate the help tho. thanks

i had the same problem but i was able to fix it easily. just out of curiousity, do any of the other people experiencing this problem like to rename their dat files? i had renamed an uncomplete movie file so i could watch it (or part of it) in avipreview. for that to work, i kept the extension as .dat (e.g. funnymovie.dat). i deleted that file and now the program works fine. no more runtime errors.