MP3Search.RU / GoMusic.RU / ChronoPay - Experiences?



Has anyone used MP3Search/GoMusic? (which I’ve read some speculation that is really the same thing and appears to have the same content). They don’t ask for any information other than an email address and all payment is handled by Chronopay. A quick search shows that ChronoPay is a legit company with a good reputation, plus I’m planning on using a pre-paid Visa card although my pre-paid is tied to an address which ChronoPay needs to process payment.

I’m guessing someone will respond with comments of legality. My stance is that all of this is still up in the air and nothing has been proven one way or another and, to my knowledge, no law has been passed that makes it illegal for Americans to purchase music in this fashion. If and when that happens, I guess from that point forward it will be considered illegal, but for now I’m happy to use the service while things are in limbo. I’m not trying to start a debate – I just figure someone will bring it up.

I really just want to hear about the service and if anyone has had any experience with it?


50 views over 2 days, someone has to have some opinions :slight_smile:


A lot of my friends use MP3Search and they have been very happy with it. The site has one of the largest mp3 collection and all the latest songs, all downloads are fully iPod compatible they don’t have DRM on there music, Where else can you find a great site site like that? It’s the only site they use to download there music from.

As for your question about it’s legality ??? The answer for that is blowing in the wind. :slight_smile:


I am pretty sure and are the same thing. I started on and then my account was automatically transferred to Why they had to change the name I’m not sure when they kept mp3search going anyway. I have used the site for a couple of years and it does have a very good selection is very up to date and has great download speeds. As for the legality of the site I have no idea. $1.89 for an album is suspiciously cheap!

I use a webcard provided by my bank. It creates a unique card number for each transaction so you never give out your real number. You also set a payment limit on each number so they can’t take more than they need to.

Just recently I have had a few spam emails arrive on the same email address I registered on with. They are advertising another Russian mp3 site I have no proof that gomusic is passing my address around, it may be unrelated.