I want to record from the radio on my in-built entertainment system on PC- but when I save to disk will only hold 80mins- how do I condende a 3 hour radio show so that can fit onto 1 disk???

Cheers Guys


You cant compress WAV files, so an audio CD can never hold more than 80 mins of audio (well, a few minutes more with overburning). Your only option is to split it up to 3 CD-Rs or encode to MP3 and then play back on a player that can play MP3s.



How do i encode it to MP3???


use wav2mp3 or winlame


Of course once it’s encoded, you can’t LISTEN to it on your car’s player, unless it’s an MP3 player.


What if you have something like Nero or CopyToDVD, which will let you make an audio CD out of the MP3s? I’ve been able to make audio CDs like that which also played in a regular stereo CD player…


Nero will , along with many other apps, but you still can’t get 3hrs onto an Audio CD, only 80 mins (give or take), if that’s what you’re suggesting.