I have nero 6. How do I change the format to make an mp3 file out of a wmv file? :confused:

Do you mean maybe wma file?
In StartSmart menu you’ll find there an option encode audio files, just click on it,
add your file and select the lame mp3 encoder. For mp3pro you’ll need a plugin!

what’s the difference between lame mp3 and pro mp3.


lame mp3 is a normal standard encoder and mp3pro should be able to convert the
files with a lower bitrate, but with high quality.

Can anyone explain me the following:
What is the use of features make mp3 cd and make wma cd in Nero when it is the same thing as making a data cd???
I think they just needed more pictures in Nero StartSmart so they they put these options there. Correct me if I am wrong and if there really is some difference between make data cd and make mp3 or wma cd

mp3pro is overrated - lame 256 vbr joint-stereo are great - anyone who finds fault really is nit picking. Do not use stereo with lame, it’s wastage, use js and vbr and you cannot go wrong.

I am not positive about Nero, but usually mp3 CD and wma CD are in a set format that can be read on most mp3 player - I think it must be ISO9660 Level 2 with short names (31 symbols), which has limitation on the length and content of the file names, to be read on the older ones correctly. It is a data burning, but when burning data you can change that option, when you shouldn’t be able to modify it for Compressed Audio CD / DVD burning. The limitation is the only difference, I think, but it does ensure compatibility.

Thanks for the reply, I get it now. I have recently given up on mp3 because I find wma sounds much better at high frequencies.

Hmm, I guess it was also to solve the e-mails they got from people who said that there was no MP3 CD option.