MP3's Wont Play In Order

I have a 3-CD set that I want to put on one CD to take to my brothers home.

I ripped the tunes to 320-bit MP3 files with CDex and burned them to CD with Nero.

I used Kyhpermedia CD-Rs.

The tunes play well and in the correct order on my cheap Apex DVD player.

My brother’s expensive (in it’s day) Panasonic proscan DVD player doesn’t play the first tune very well. It then plays the other songs out of order.

Thanks for any help

Normally if they act as windows, dos or any other o.s., it will order tracks if you added the track number in the beggining. Sth like this:
01 - Queen - Bohemian Rapsody
02 - Queen - A day at the races

Avoid the use of 1, 2… because windows (at least) will work all right if you don’t have more than 9 tracks:
1 - Queen - Bohemian Rapsody
10 - Queen - Killer queen
11 - Queen - One vision
2 - Queen - A day at the races
20 - Queen - A kind of magic

Was that your problem? - It used to happen to me, but you can correct this either changing track names (Mp3Tag) or ripping it all again (CDex file name options), as you wish. BTW, mp3@320CBR isn’t the best solution, VBR it’s. Try in CDex, LAME --alt preset -extreme :wink:

No, the songs I drag over to burn with Nero have no numbers in their title.
The only numbering is what Nero does.

Even if my titles included numbers, Nero’s number system SHOULD prevail.

If you click to say song #4, the #4 is shown on the LED readout but it is actually playing what should be song #8 or #12, I forget which. It’s always consistent in that it plays #8 (or #12, whichever) when it claims to be playing #4.

Note that it always plays the correct order in my cheapo DVD player.

Note that these are stand alone home DVD players. Windows is not involved.

Thanks for the help

If it plays correctly in your cheapo DVD player then it has obviously burnt correctly.
Any failure on the part of the Panasonic is not your fault or that of any burning software.