Mp3s with Plextools

I just got plextools. It seems quite capable. I’d like to use it’s media player to play mp3s but it doesn’t want to load them. What am I missing? Sorry for what’s more than likely an obvious detail i’m missing. Thanks

I am not 100% sure on this one (haven’t got PlexTools installed on this computer) but I think the media player will only play files from inserted discs. You cannot load an MP3 from your computer. Please correct me if I’m wrong somebody :wink: Also, if you want to be able to rip your discs to MP3 you need to install the L.A.M.E. MP3 codec. Welcome to the forums!

feddup, my Multimedia Player (version 2.19a) plays MP3s just fine… did you press “Play” after loading the file?


Well, maybe I have an answer slightly smarter than the previous one… :stuck_out_tongue:
(however, I am not an expert about this audio/video codec stuff, so I may well be wrong)

From Plextools’ Help:

Multimedia Player uses the MCI drivers installed on your system to play Audio tracks and other types of Multimedia files. The list of possibilities with Multimedia Player varies from system to system, depending upon the installed MCI devices

Check if your system has a codec for mp3 files:

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I also can’t load my mp3s into plextools. I did figure out that it does not like ID3v2, if i remove this info they load fine into plextools.

Hmmm, strange since I don’t have this problem… :confused:


no probs playing mp3s with PT either, though it’s not the preferred player. seems like a codec issue, as stated by ET above.

Thanks for the ideas. I didn’t check till late tonight but I’ll try your various plans tomorrow.

Just tried playing mp3s with PT and it plays them, but will not load them into the audio cd maker unless i remove the ID3v2 tags.

I just played around with Plextools some more. In the open window under all available file types mp3s aren’t listed. I have MP10 which can play mp3s and I’ve imported LAME. I’ve associatted mp3s with Plextools and still nothing. Plextools seemed so capable at burning that i wanted to use it as much as possible. Thanks for the effort and ideas. I might keep trying.

mp3 is listed in my “load” dialog…are you sure you’re not clicking the “load playlist” button instead?

Works fine here…