Mp3s scrambled. Codecs?

Some of my mp3s are no longer audible on the pc when played either from the pc hard drive or an external hd on which I have a copy of all my music. All ypu can only hear is a jumble of sound. I connected ext hd to my laptop but had the same problem. The affected mp3s include ones which I ripped from my cds some years back. More recent music not affected. I dont remember dloading new codecs lately and dont want to mess with codecs until thats necessary. Help much appreciated.:confused:

Which media player are you using? Have you run chkdsk lately?

Tnx 4 reply. Using Win Media Player11 and Real Player. Both affected. Didnt run chdisk lately but tried System Restore, (O/S win Vista)

To rule out codecs, simply install another mp3 player. If the problem still exists for the new player, then you likely have corrupt files.

:)Thanks Dogg for reply. As it happens I installed VLC Player and hey presto problem solved. Keep up the good work