MP3s on CDs

I have burned numerous music CDs using wave files, getting an average of 17-18 per CD. I now want to do mp3s and I was under the impression that mp3s would allow you to burn about 10 times more per disc. I have tried it but get the same CD time restriction you do with wave files - no more than 80 minutes. Are mp3s burned on CDs strictly for file storage and for playing on a computer’s CD drive by opening the file, or is there a way to actually have150 mp3 songs on one CD and have it play as music when you put it in your car CD player? Thanks.

The answer is 2-way: yes and no.

If you burn music from MP3, you’ll get the same amount of time on a disc, as if it were wave files. If you burn MP3 as audio, the files are converted to regular audio (wave doesn’t need this conversion) and get as big as wave files again.

When burning a data-cd you can put 650mb of data on a standard disc. If you burn MP3s (those are about 10x smaller than wave is) you can fit 10 times as much songs on the disc.

If you want to play MP3 data discs in your car, you need a CD player that can play MP3 cdroms. These cd players are getting more and more common, but are still a little more expensive (they cost about ?300) than regular CD players…

When in Nero, choose CD-ROM (ISO) rather than Audio CD. The former is data mode, so it’ll do a 1:1 copy of when you want to burn on CD. The latter is audio mode, which will try to convert any file you want to copy to WAV.