MP3s on a DVD video compliant disc

Obviously, you can throw a ton of MP3s on a DVDR by simply burning a data disc.
However, not all standalones support readback of MP3 DVDs (even if they do support CD-R MP3 discs).

Is there an app out there that can take a ton of MP3s and put them into a DVD Video compliant format?

I’ve found DVD+Audio Creator, but it does not support MP3 source files. :frowning:

Perhaps you should checkout ‘AudioDVDCreator’. However, you’ll probably need to create some menus to exceed the 99-chapter limit in the DVD specs. I’m not sure though.

My Pioneer 563 supports mp3 to dvd disk, so does my LiteOn 2001. A few new players should do it now and their are some that have firmware hacks to support it also.
I don’t know of a program that makes a disk that will fool a non supported player into playing them. As cheap as new player are I’d get a new one for 50 or so that can play them right off the disks.
The newer Pioneer 578 is the next version of the 563 and SHOULD be able to play them again plus it does progresive scan, dvd audio, SACD, and can be found for 140 or less on sale.

Thanks Beerdog! That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Glad I could be to some help, you know I’ve recived a lot of help from around here my self. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it only allows you to use approximately 105 MP3 source files on 1 DVD compilation.
But it is still a nice app to have…

I’m having major issues with Audio DVD Creator 1.52 trial.
Everytime I attempt to create the DVD compliant video files (transcode) my PC crashes and restarts with no error.
I’ve even tried using different MP3 source files and saving the output files to various locaitons.
> 10 attempts
The app doesn’t work for me. :frowning: :frowning:

Chickenman, do you know of another app that has this capability?

Hi, wesociety, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. It is some time ago since I tried ‘AudioDVDCreator’; I really don’t have the need for it. Back then it was v.1.2 and I only tried with wav files as source files. However, today I installed v.1.5 (not 1.52) to give it a try with mp3 files. Every thing works fine here. It takes some time (3.5 hour) but the job is done. However, I was quite disappointed about the poor quality of the output files. This is properly because I chose AC3, instead of PCM as output format, or perhaps because that I used mp3 files as source files.

Under the file creation process I discovered a very heavy CPU load (100%). That kind of CPU usage would most likely “kill” an Overclocked/unsteady system. Normally I don’t overclock my system, but sometime ago I was toying around with my FSB and having a good time, clocking my P4 2,4 up to 3,0. My system was rock solid……hmmm…until I was trying to encode some files with the notorious ‘Cinema craft encoder’. After that, I reset my FSB to normal and every thing was fine again.

My point with telling you this, is that: if you’re running an overclocked system, it might help to reset it back to normal, to prevent your computer from crashing.

Thanks for the info and suggestions.
No CPU/memory overclocking going on here.
My system runs fine at 100% when transcoding with other apps or during video editing.