MP3s may be hazardous to your career

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Carla Tomino, a secretary at NorthWestern University in Evanston, Ill., says she was fired July 23 amid accusations that she had stockpiled some 2,000 music files on her work computer in violation…

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Not me - I don’t have a boss. Besides - if you’re not smart enough to get away with it :4

I am my own BOSS, so **** them all for being so stupid in the 1st place :4 She should have rebooted her pc when it froze that way they never would have known, silly girl :o

How the hell does the record company know what she had in her collection???

next thing you know, we’ll be hearing about employees being fired for putting a different wallpaper or icons on their desktop. wouldn’t this be considered personal use of company resources? i say let the employee work the way they work best. if listening to music makes her work better, then so be it. if not, then fire her. i don’t think the mp3s were the main reason. the employee was probably crappy at work.

Not when I am in charge of the MIS in my company. =)

Hell, I’ve downloaded more than 2 gigs worth of MP3’s at work plus several other small programs. I brought in my backup drive to remove them from my HD then took them home to burn. The PC people at my work are to stupid to find out.