Mp3's get cross linked -- why?

Ok, This is driving me nuts. first I suspected systems, then viruses, then corrupt data, but now I’m confused…

Please if you wish to comment understand its not just one computer drive or situation. I have been dealing with this for the last 10 years, and I know for a fact its not the same hardware…

What I do know is its a large drive. The first time this happened it was on a 150 gig. Now I have a TB drive… but I never saw this before hand. It has been on 2k and xp systems.

What I notice is after not using a certain mp3 for a year or better, and then one day listening to it, it may play normal then go to another mp3 on the same system, then some times to yet another, or maybe back to the original. The tagging is always preserved and so is the file size.

I can not determine what song or songs it gets polluted with, seem to be random. This happens only if I dont use the mp3 in a long time.

Does anyone have a thought?

Are you playing an mp3 file or a playlist?

Just regular mp3s. Copping the files does not fix it.

I typically make mp3 cds form my collection I keep on my drive. And what is going on is, I take say for example a album that has not been played in over a year and burn it to a disc ( not an audio disc, mp3 disc). When I listen to a song and here this song change to a few other songs I go back the the drive and check it. sure enough its messed up , just like it was on the cd.

There is no particular reason why a system would do that. Can i suggest scanning your system thoroughly for viruses and other junk?

This is why I wanted to make it clear it was not only one system. Going to have to write this off is an unknown. Was just hoping someone else had seen this before.