MP3's converted to AUDIO CD has jumps and glitches

I have burnt many Audio CD’s but find when i burn MP3’s using NERO7.5.9.0 they have random jumps and low spots etc (a bit like there is dirt on disks)
in any cd playing device.
Does not happen to created Audio disks from same MP3’s in MediaPlayer or Itunes
MP3’s played through media player or Itunes are perfect but when played through Neros own little player in Express or Burning Rom they jump etc.
i dont want to have to listen to whole albums in nero to see if they jump before burning
MP3’s sound fine on all other players
It is not the disks as they burn perfectly in Media player or Itunes
Is this a Codec thing and where do i get the required ones from?

Do you burn at the same speed in all those applications and what speed would that be?