MP3s + Audio CDs

My question is, if I rip a CD to the hard drive as a CBR 128kbps (I realise NOW that its crappy :frowning: ), then find out that I left the CD somewhere and for the life of me cannot find it, and then go through a re-rip process of ripping all my CD’s (Im gonne be here weeks) back to the hard drive as VBR 192kbps (EAC + External LAME.EXE), can I then burn those 128kbps to a CD-RW then rip then as VBR 192? Or will there be absolutly no difference at all?

Thanks in advance.

Since you lose quality every time you encode, ripping at 128kbps, then burning those, and ripping over again, no matter what the bitrate, will actually sound less like the original than the 128kbps file. You’ll just be using more bytes to define music that already sounds bad.

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Unfortunatly until I find that CD I guess Im stuck with 128kbps. Ah well, cant have everything :bigsmile: