I read the quality of mp3PRO is supposed to sound the same as standard mp3 files when played on NON-mp3PRO players.

mp3PRO players is supposed to add some high frequency sparkle.

I would really like to discuss the merits of mp3PRO on this board.

I read all the info

but is it all the truth?

when i play a mp3pro file on a non-mp3 pro decoder it sounds like shit. Sometimes it even gives errors.

It is a different compression technology.

(But a mp3 can be played on a mp3-pro software player.)

The birate is supposed to be smaller with no loss of fidelity.

Suggest you’all read this and then let’s discuss it.

This seems to me to be the NEXT big thing in music.

I also think MP3Pro is becoming the future, less space and equal up 2 better quallity…great !!! :bigsmile:

Nero and MP3Pro…that’s ripping…:wink: