Mp3King Trial

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More news from the courtroom

Mp3King’s trial also started this week:


Mp3King is accused of selling and dealing various illegal CDs (in fact…

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…Now the procecuters IFPI/SABAM/BUMA/STEMRA have filed a claim against me for about 20 grand, for the sale of aproximatly 30 cd’s. My lawyer immediatly filed for a delay due to the flagrant lies in the lawsuit claim…
There primary complaint is that it is impossible to sell so little so they demand a mutch higher fine. In their claim they state that they are convinced i sold 5times more then i claim…

What amases me most about the European Law is that tey don’t even have to prove i’ve sold for that amaunt… I also don’t have to prove the opposite, we both have to tell our story to the judge and he’ll decide how mutch i have to pay…

… it creates some clarity in the dark of what can really go wrong and will stop the boasts of some teens who claim "they won’t catch me, i’ll throw it all out of the window etc…’


sorry voor het slechte engels maar dit zou het duidelijk moeten maken voor de niet nederlandstaligen onder ons

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Wow, 30 cd’s en dan 20 mille?
Ik fik ook wel uns wat cd’s maak dan als vriendendienst, 3 piek voor zo’n plaatje, is dat ook uuh, minder-legaal?

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Bij mij is het al 6 april op dit moment dussueh ik leef gewoon in near future yeah !

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