I have a ton of songs I want to Normalize the MP3s to a certain Db.

What is the best Db Number setting without the MP3s distorting?

What would happen if I just normalize all the MP3s even the ones that say clipping.

What is clipping is it just like distorting?

Is there any easy way to stop clipping?



Here’s what I do and it works for me. Every once in a while, I cime across an unusual song that is difficult to adjust and I just suffer with that limitation:

  1. Make a copy of the files and use the program on the copy. If there are any problems, I go back to the original and make another copy. I never modify the originals.
  2. If your compilation is from different artists, different sources and/or different genres, under the analysis pull-down menu, you might want to use “track analysis”. If the files are similar, you might try “album analysis”.
  3. My “target normal volume” is 95 db. You may want to try different values. I add all the files or folders to MP3Gain - I “select all files” - I select “track analysis” or “album analysis”. When it is done analyzing, I go to “Modify Gain” pull-down menu and “apply track gain” or “apply album gain”. If a file needs individual tweaking, I handle that separately.
  4. When the files have been processed (the compilation or individually tweaked files), I burn the CD or drag to an MP3 player, etc.
  5. If you apply to much of a gain, or apply a gain to a file that’s been adjusted, etc., you will distort it to the point where you won’t want to listen to it.

From the Help file, here is the definition of clipping.

“This column has a Y if the mp3 file is currently clipping. “Clipping” means that when the mp3 file is decoded by your player, some of the sound samples will be too loud. The player will “clip” these samples so that they do not exceed the maximum allowable value. This clipping creates a sort of rough, “scratchy” sound during loud parts of the song.”.

IMO, clipping is subjective based on your hearing, your equipment and the adjustment made to the original song. You may not be able to detect some clipping while others may have greater sensitivity. Play with the settings to find what works for you and your situation.


I normalize to 89dB - in my experience 95dB would result in audible clipping (distortion due to clipped peaks) in a handful of tunes. Fortunately, the gain changes are lossless - provided you don’t delete the tags stating the original gain.