MP3Gain has been updated - balance the volume on MP3s

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 We can  see over at FileForum that the excellent freeware, MP3Gain has been updated. I  can't see the changelog anywhere  but, after such a long time between updates this is still news! This  is...
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Sorry to disapoint you but changes with MP3gain aren’t lossless. OTOH replaygain are. Sounds incredible but that’s the way it is.

Where’s the proof? "Does normalizing the mp3 degrade its quality? No. MP3Gain does not decode and re-encode the mp3 to change its volume. You can change the volume as many times as you want, and the mp3 will sound just as good (or just as bad!) as it did before you started. "

O1: “I’ve read the source, and analysed it; and I reiterate my response that mp3gain is lossy; it can destroy audio data. The mp3gain website is wrong; the scalefactors can clip or wrap, destroying audio, and mp3gain can’t correct for that. It might not even be able to reverse itself in a few situations. Normalisation of the audio data, via mp3gain or another technique, is not lossless! Plain ol’ Replaygain is okay 'cause it just gives info on how loud the tracks are in the tags, and leaves that up to whatever wants to play it to do with it what it likes. Nothing gets trashed or altered.” That’s just the way it is.