I have the newest version of Nero Ultra and want to know how to put CD’s onto my computer and then burn them? I used to have Musicmatch Jukebox on my old computer. All I used to do was put a CD in, open Musicmatch, and click record. The songs would then be sent to my Musicmatch library and the file location I specified in my initial setup of Musicmatch. Does Nero work as easy as Musicmatch?


no…but it is easy.

Could you point me to a tutorial or maybe tell me how to do it?

Thank You!

Ok, Nero has about 15 programs bundled together. If no one wants to show me how to do it, please just tell me which program it is that I need to use?


The way I do it

  1. open nero burning rom
  2. Click recorder tab
  3. click copy disk
  4. when the new compilation window comes up click the read options tab
  5. under the fast copy settings choose audio cd
  6. click the copy tab
  7. a window will pop up and say insert original disk
  8. and away you go, good luck and let us know of your success

Keep in mind that the faster you read/write an audio CD, the quality will be less.