Mp3 will not play in my 02 cavalier



I made a cd with my mp3 songs but the disk will not play in my cars cd player. do I have to convert it to another format and if so how? the cd will play in my toyota but not the cavalier


It may be that your car doesn’t like the particular format of the MP3 files in question. If they are VBR then try CBR and see if that makes a difference. Also, if the bitrate is too high, that may make a difference.


If you are dealing with a factory GM radio in your Cavalier it is unlikely that the factory radio will play mp3’s in any form.

There were factory radios that would play mp3’s in 2002, but they were less than common…

Infact of aftermarket CD headunits at that time finding one made 2002 or earlier… well, they were few and far between.

Cd headunits that played mp3’s didn’t actually become
common until 2004.

CD-Decks that play mp3’s are invariably marked on the faceplate.