Mp3/Wav to Midi/SNG conversion



does any one here know ne softwares can convert (AUDIO FILES) mp3,wma,wav… to sng* thanks
please gimme the name or is there way to do this thank u :flower:


Nice title, BTW … I came in here expecting nothing in general, had no idea whether I could even answer your question.

SNG is like a hardware midi, except much more advanced. There is apparently no direct way to convert any single dimension audio (like Mp3 or wav) back into sng.

You may be able to find something to convert something from mp3/wav to midi … and maybe midi to SNG.

MP3->Wav is easy ->Winamp with discwriter plugin (standard plugin)
WAV to midi -
Midi to SNG -


The filetype .sng contains Midi information so you need some music recognition software. For starters, try:

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And can we change the title of this thread to
"Mp3/Wav to Midi / SNG conversion"
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