MP3 VS WAV Most likely to work on Old CD players?




I’m off to Cuba for a wedding and have some CD’s to play during the speeches. Which file format WAV or MP£ would be most likely to work on old CD players. Cuba is a 3rd world country and a bit behind the times.



Wav on CD-R is the most likely to work.Some old cd players won’t even play any burnable CD.
If it’s really important you need to record a couple of cassette tapes of the music too.


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I think that the best option is to convert your audio tracks into an audioCD to get the best compatibility. Even if the Audio CDs actually contains WAV files, there are anyway some differences between a CD containing WAV files (i.e. a data disc) and a real audio CD.

You can use ImgBurn to convert the WAV or mp3 files into a standard audio CD :slight_smile:


Hi geno888 , I should have said .wav to Audio CD.
I just assumed that is what would be done.
It’s been a while since I experimented but will .wav burned as a data disc play on anything but a computer ?


I don’t know technical details, but an Audio CD is slightly different from a data CD even if contains only WAV files.

If you insert an audio CD on a computer drive, it will not show the actual WAV files, but a list of short (1 Kb) files with [B].cda[/B] extension. If you insert a data cd into the drive, all WAV files will be shown.

I must say that I never tried to insert a data CD containing WAV files into a CD player, so I have no idea if the player will be really able to read it.

So, to be sure to get the best compatibility (mostly with older players), I suggested to not use a data CD :slight_smile:

Another thing I forgot to mention, is that older players are really picky with burned discs, so I suggest to burn these CDs at the lowest speed possible (not more than 16x anyway). If you burn discs at a too high speed, it is possible that you’ll get a too high jitter, and the player can be not able to recognize the disc at all :doh:


I also agree with the slow speed on the burn.
I think the .cda are called pointers or track pointers.
As the name suggests the point to where that specific file is on the CD.
I beleive that file is a .wav file but I’m not completely certain about that since the commercial CD’s are pressed.


Few if any CD players will play Data CDs with WAV files.

Some CD players will play Data CDs with MP3 files.

All CD players will play Audio CDs - i.e. CDs in CD-DA format, provided that the CD itself is physically readable by the drive.

Many programs will let you create Audio CDs from e.g. MP3 and WAV files, and the result will be equally compatible.

Burrrn is a small, easy, free, program to burn a CD in Audio CD format from e.g. MP3 and WAV files.

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winamp is free and will definitely make a true audio CD from whatever audio files you have.