MP3 volume equal please

I am think about buying an mp3 player.

The some of the tracks on my computer differ. All the songs i have ripped from a CD are the same volume but the songs i have dloaded are quieter/louder. Is there a program that will make all my songs the ssame volume so wont have 2 keep changing volume on my mp3 player??? If so wot volume should i set it to?

Thanks, if possible mention freeware or programs with a good period of trial time…

Use MP3 Gain for this ;), it’s freeware.

if u decide to get an ipod like the masses are doing, then there is a great freeware tool called EUPod see that boosts volume as well as normalizes levels using MP3 Gain as a plugin. the advantage here (perhaps) is that the files on your PC are untouched. good luck and dont forget to send espe a beer.

hehe… Yeah, keep sending those beers :wink: