Mp3 tracks are skipped

I use nero to burn mp3 files on cd-r. When I try to play the disc on my sony DVD player (home) some tracks are being skipped.(it would play track 1-10 then track 20-30).However when i check the cd-r on my pc the tracks are there. Is it a problem with nero tagging it wrong? how do i fix it?

What media are you using? Burn speed?

You could try Burrrn as a free alternative to burn those mp3s to audio. I use it myself instead of Nero. :slight_smile:

Unless you’re burning them as mp3s and not converting them, in which case continue with Nero. My earlier two questions still stand, though. :slight_smile:

i use Fuji TY cd-r and burn with benq 1650 at 24x. i burn it as mp3 files.i dont understand why some tracks are ok while others dont show up.

now i tend to think its the home dvd player fault. the disc plays fine on windows media player-no tracks are skipped/missing

Yep, could be that your home DVD player is picky - certainly sounds like it. Got another you can try it on?

You could try burning at 16x and see if that helps.

will try at 16x but i dont believe thats that problem…many tx for the help