MP3 to Wav



What’s everyone’s experience with converting from MP3 to Wav as far as sound quality (and anything else you can add)?

I was planning on storing multiple albums on disc as MP3.
MP3s play fine on one of my home stereo players but not on the other.
I intend to convert MP3 to Wav to make discs that will play on my other home CD player.



I realize going from Wav to MP3 is the loss.

What I want to know is will there be a noticeable loss in quality between an original Wav file and a file converted from MP3 to Wav.

I was planning on --alt preset normal to rip Wav to MP3.

Would such an MP3 yield acceptable quality when converted back to a Wav?



it all depends on the bitrate, your system, and your ears going mp3->wav will sound exactly like the mp3 while taking more space


you might want to check out this: