MP3 to multiple tracks for CD


I have this habit of recording lectures at workshops and classes. So, my MP3 and WAV files are usually more 2 to 3 hours long. I would like to convert the files into audio CD so I can listen to the lectures while driving.

Is there any software that can automatically do any or combination of the following?

  1. Burns MP3 file into multiple discs, ie. converting 3 hour MP3 file into 3 CDs, each CD having one whole 1h20m length

  2. Converts 3-hr long MP3 file into segments of 5-min or 10-min MP3 files


  1. Converts 3-h MP3 to CDs containing 5-min or 10-min audio tracks?

Any hint or tip will be highly appreciated.


Automagically?..I’ve used MP3DirectCut to manually edit/cut long MP3 files…You can load the long file and Edit–>select all–>Special ->Auto Cue, and set cue every 5 or 10min…File->‘Save project file/Cue sheet as’ and save as type .cue…
load the CUE file in a simple burning app like burrrn or imgburn and burn it…
Or, you can manually cut every 5-10min, and save each selection…Import all the individual mp3 files in a burning app of your choice…

Hi t0nee1,

Really appreciate your quick response.

And i find it very helpful.

Thank you so much!
W Cu