MP3 to kill the CD by 2005

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The CD is dead, buried by MP3. Or at least it will be by 2005. That’s the conclusion of punters in the UK, at least, according to a recent survey by market researcher MORI…

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I’ve already stopped buying cd’s years ago (except for the cd-r kind ofcourse)…just minidisc and MP3 for me.

since when do we compare cd’s to mp3z???

I don’t think that an audio stream 44.1 Khz 16 bit will die!
Comparing a CD track to an MP3 is stupid thing to do: there’s no match!!!

The standard music CD will actually be “buried” by Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio; not by MP3. Hi-Fi is not afraid of any kind of encoders.

While MP3s gain in popularity with portable devices, in the home, CDs will continue to dominate for many years to come. This is based simply on the merits of the CD’s sound superiority.

If anything, as storage devices gain in capacity and shrink in size and broadband becomes nearly as common as the telephone itself, highly compressed media’s benefits will become far less important.

Didnt i hear many moons ago that 45s and LPs will never die, and CDs are a fad? LOL

i dont think cd wil die… because of the again very big profits in this year… again 20 % more then last year…

The LP remains, this is because its beautiful analog sound signal. CD is different, it’s digital. Have you buy any 1.2MB disks so far?

If no one buy CD, no one can make MP3! Piss off!

I think MP3 is a good, fast and moneyless way to hear the music straightly from internet.
Some kind of music, like new age, suffer of low popularity because there aren’t enough media to develop it!
Thanks to MP3, I have discovered many good artists, so, first I hear the MP3, then I go to the shop and buy the CD.
This is only a little example as the MP3 give a chance to the music companies to sell more CDS.
Sony, Columbia, Dreyfus … pleazzee don’t bother MP3 again and stop to cry, there is no damage to your pockets


if no-one buys music in the future then all profits would have to come from gigs, so it would not be as damn glossed. this might be a good thing

well that is one theory. i dont think that the cd will die completely. you need a certain level of knowledge to produce your own from mp3 anyway and the quality is not as good.

btw mori is a very respected firm in the UK. they ARE completely impartial so that is a non starter!

Someone please explain to me, what BTW means?


Lp’s are still here Tapes are still here so cd’s will still be here. Do you realy think mp3 will kill the cd no way

Mp3 will kill itself by creating better music compression like wma

By the way BTW is a form of tax in the Netherlands it’s on every product and it will become 19% in january :frowning:
so if you buy a cd of $10 we pay $11.9 and $1.9 go’s to our goverment

Thanks guys!

in Belgium it’s even 21%…
the most taxed land in the whole world

in the uk its only (!?!) 17.5%. our income tax is also lower than the rest of europe (22%). our fuel duty might be higher but the other taxes make well up.

the states has really low taxes doesn’t it? mind you if you’re poor in the states you can lay down and die… no NHS

is there btw a newsgroup for taxes ?