MP3 to get open standards digital rights management add-on

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  Thomson and Fraunhofer,  patent owners behind the MP3 digital music technology, shall create a new digital rights management add-on for the popular  format, a Thomson executive said Tuesday.   ...
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Crap! If it’s protected it is NOT an MP3 file anymore. The codec may be the same but that’s it. Same goes for any other protected format. Like an audio CD is not an audio CD anymore with copy protection.
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This will go over like a bad souflee. I think we’ll see a faction war between software publishers using Fraunhofer, and open-source and other folks using something akin to LAME. Of course, if there is enough negative public opinion, perhaps the new Fraunhofer codec won’t garner a lot of licensees.

oy vey - like lame will really follow this - i dont think so…next we will find cassette tapes have electronic survailence built in!

So no copy protection has worked so far. So they sit around coming up with standards for things that don’t work. Must be a boring life for them.

People will just switch to LAME.