MP3 to FLAC: A Bad Idea?

I have an old 45 RPM record that I received from my cousins as a Christmas gift back in the fifties. It’s an EP containing 4 novelty holiday songs by a local fellow named Harry Stewart, who recorded for Capitol under the name “Yogi Yorgesson.”

As far as I know the songs have never been released on CD and my poor old 45 is worn down to a nubbin after 50 or more years of playing. For many of those years we played it on a kiddie record player with a needle about as delicate as a ten penny nail. We would wipe the black powdery vinyl shavings off the needle after each playing. So you can probably imagine just how poor the playback quality is from that sorry old 45.

I’d like to burn these songs to a CD and have considered some different ways to go:

  1. Just copy the songs from my worn out 45 onto my computer as a WAV file, then burn to a CDA and live with the poor sound quality as a “nostalgic effect.”

  2. Shop around online at places like Bay and buy a mint copy of the 45 and copy the songs to my HD from the new 45.

  3. There’s a guy online who sells a CD containing MP3s of the songs from the 45. Since I already own a copy of the same 45 that these MP3s were ripped from, it seems to me that I may hold a license that would apply to the MP3s because they are the same recordings that I have on my 45. If that should turn out to be correct, then I could buy that CD and copy the MP3s to my computer, convert them to WAV or FLAC files and burn them to CDAs on a CD-R.

What I’m wondering is what kind of quality I could expect from that latter procedure, as compared to just copying to WAV from my old 45, or from a new 45.

The fellow who is selling the CD says that he had it done at a professional recording studio and the MP3s were made from a pristine 45 (Why they produced MP3s instead of CDAs is beyond me, but that’s what he says are on the CD).

So, what do you think? If I’m looking for the best quality legal copies of these songs in CDA format, what do you recommend as the best way for me to go?

GEMM shows quite a few copies of his work is available…!.x=377&Go!.y=17&Go!=Search&picklang=%2Findex.cgi%3Flang%3DEN%26clickflag%3D1%26

then I could buy that CD and copy the MP3s to my computer, convert them to WAV or FLAC files and burn them to CDAs on a CD-R.

You would simply burn them as an [B]audio CD[/B] with any of the myriad of programs available. [I]You[/I] would do no intermediate conversions.

Personally I would go with your option 1 or 2, if you couldn’t pick up a mint copy of the vinyl then I would go with option 1 and then try and clean the audio up a little with something like sound forge.