MP3 to DVD with Nero weirdness

I decided to back up my mp3’s on the HDD to DVD instead of CD. I’m using Nero 663?. Anyway… the way I used to do it when I backed up to CD was to drag the files over and burn as data. This way kept the tagged info intact.

I burned my first DVD and when I put it back in to check it was missing most of my tag info. Genre, Album, Artist all gone !! The only info it kept was title, date created and date modified.

When I switched to using the mp3 music setting, Nero ‘analyzed my songs’ (took some time) but the burned mp3’s kept the tags complete.

Any idea why it would not keep the tag info when burned as data to DVD?

Surely you have used a different filesystem format and options than with CDs.

Just tried this with onto an RW using Nero Express & it’s perfectly OK. All my MP3 tag info is still intact.

Yep…I back all my MP3s etc up to DVD media, and use the same method as eoniverse - no problems here, the file tags remain intact.

I’ve done it with a version of Nero 6 (can’t remember which, though), and lately Nero 7. :slight_smile:

Well then… I’ll chalk it up to gremlins. Got everything done. It just took all day (lot’s of songs).