MP3 to DVD Noob Question

Searched a few times Could not find anything specific on my question.

Im trying to make a MP3 DVD-R that will play in my car… I have a pretty decent clarion Pro audio DVD/MP3 Unit…

Evrytime I use nero to make the DVD-R in data mode drag all my MP3’s over it burns the disc fine but will not play in my car Will work on the PC.

When I do this for CD-R discs it plays fine is this a limitation of my cars headunit… or maybe a option in nero im missing or a a new nero feature I dont know about.

I can play MOVIE DVD-R backups in my car just fine… MP3’s just wont go

Any Info would be great thankx

Some manufacturers deliberately prevent the playback of MP3s on recordable DVDs. It won’t be advertised by if you look in the manual, ‘DVD’ may be missing from the audio disc playable formats.

Some players actually need a playlist. My standalone Pioneer DVD player won’t play an MP3 DVD just created as a data disc but will if I use Roxio’s (v7.5) Classic Creator or Acoustica MP3 CD Burner that both create playlists.

Uh, thats crazy. But good to know. :bow:
May I ask which Pioneer standalone model you have, TimC?

BTW, if the drive doesn’t support mp3 in DVD (many do that), tools like AudioDVD Creator or Winoncd’s dvd audio function could help.

Pioneer DV-464 - very good player, just doesn’t play Divx otherwise it would be perfect.

Yeah, right. Its a great one.