Mp3 To Dvd Help?



Hi everyone

Glad to join the club, appologese if this has already been coverd.

I have huge amount of mp3’s on my hard drive. As there has been recent virus problems on my computer i do not want to loose them.

Please can anyone tell me how do i put mp3’s on to a dvd disk. Then can any one tell how then how do i rip them from the dvd on to my spare computer.

Regards Alfe


Using a DVD burning program and a DVD writer in your PC you should be able to burn them to DVD as a data disc without any problems, as you would do with any other files you want to backup. After that you can copy those files to any other PC you want.

However, if you downloaded these files with a Digital Rights Management system (iTunes for example), you might need to save some additional files. Let us know if this is the case.

  1. Start your DVD burning program.

  2. Select all the MP3’s.

  3. Hit “burn”.

Are you actually asking how to burn a DVD? Have you never burnt a disc before? Or were you thinking there was some special way to put the MP3’s onto DVD? (There isn’t, Audio DVD’s are icky.)


thanks but what software should i use, nero or decryptor


nero , see this guide , if you have more then one partition you can simply copy the mp3s there instead and you wont lose em when youll format the os partition C , you dont have to format all partitions if you got a virus the os partition is enough just use antivirus to clean files in other partitions after the os reinstall (thats necassary only if its truly is a virus , a worm/trojan/spyware isnt same and doesnt infect other files)

edit if its a worm/trojan/spyware get hijackthis make a log copy & paste it , no need to format in that case