Mp3 To CD Audio



Hey, I was just wondering if anyone out there knows of a program that will decode mp3's and burn them directly to CD. I know
X-CD Toaster does it but that's for Linux.

I've been burning Audio for a long time now and I want to eleminate the middle man (Mp3 Decoder)

I've got a HP8200i if it's any help.

Thanks a lot and any reply would be very helpful


Hmmm. I am just looking at Mp3 CD maker. Is it good. is there anything better?


Ok. now, does anyone know a crack for it.


Nero burns MP3s to an audio cd without having to decode, i use it all the time, works great.


I would use it but i get lame conflicts with directCD. If anyone else knows about an alternative to DirectCD, i would love to know. Thanx a lot though


There are alot of options here.
First Instant cd wizard has a great drive letter program it’s the only thing good about the whole program I am making a rip of it soon but you can download the whole program and just install the drive letter part. I have tried it with nero, cdrwin, NTI
Fireburner and winoncd and no conflicts.

Also NTI does MP3 to cd on the fly and also
has a packet writting program but it’s not drive letter and uses only cdrw disc.

Winoncd does mp3 on the fly and comes with packetcd…

I would sugest NTI and Instant CdWizard’s drive letter program. they are both fast and very easy.


Thanks a lot, i’ll take your advise and go with NTI