MP3 To Audio File Conversion with Nero



If I convert Mp3 files to wave files using nero (make audio cd) will I have lost the quality?? If yes how can I keep the same quality? :bow: :bow: :bow:


No, mp3 is a audio format which has quality losses.


I downloaded mp3 songs and converted them to wav files with nero but quality decreased but when the same audio files were converted to 192 bits WMA files they were good quality again!!.

I entered the configure options of (make an audio cd) and found different settings (which I did not touch) However I noticed under convertors [B]Ahead Audio Raw Convertor[/B] which ‘clicked on’ opens a window which shows quality 50. What is this ?

Thanks In Advance


Some converters are better than others.
Normally any converter should give good results when decoding from anything back to CDDA (wav, aiff etc).


first , lossy to wav you never should loose sound quality, so something is wrong.
Convert from a lossy source to another thats not a smart thing to do, if you care about sound quality, since you will loose some quality in the conversion.


Does anybody know how to convert mp3 files to audio files with cdex and produce cd text with the audio files


If you use Burrrn ( it’ll create an Audio CD for you with CD-Text. Results are quite good I’ve found.

WAV files don’t have CD-Text as such, it’s down to the burning app to create the Audio CD with CD-Text taken either from the file name or from the tags in mp3 (& other) files.


using any of the Wave editors like
Fleximusic Wave Editor,Garageband,Whatever conversions maybe(wav file to mp3 or mp3 to wav file) and how many times may be the conversion the quality will be lost. To convert to CD-R from the cassette you need to save in format 44100hz 16 Bit stereo wave file for copying into CD (that you have already set in the above Step 2). You should use CD-R type CDs for recording (don’t use CD-RW type). Use the free software that came with CD writer hardware to write to CD. When you buy the CD writer there will be free software together with that, It is best to use the software supplied by the manufacturer of CD writer to write a CD.


I found what I was looking for and winamp & burrrn are the answer good convertors and write cdtext too. Thanks to everone for your suggestions