Mp3 to audio disc - no sound (Memorex 20x MRX-530L v1 Internal)

[qanda]This thread is about the Memorex 20x MRX-530L v1 Internal. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I recently purchased a memorex light scribe dvd recorder which came bundled with Nero 7. I had been using an older version of Nero with no problems.
My problem is this: when I try to burn an audio disc from mp3, some of the tracks (though they play for the right amount of time) have no sound. It’s always the same tracks no matter what order they appear on the disc. The mp3 files are fine, all originally mp3 encoded at the same time from the same source.
I’ve tried different burn speeds and different blank media. I used the Nero clean uninstall tool (numerous times) before installation and even removed winamp pro thinking there may be a conflict.
An interesting issue: I burned the same cd using winamp pro (after re-installation) on the same light scribe burner. This cd works fine on all players EXCEPT the light scribe which does not even recognize it as an audio disc.
Any input would be appreciated - thank you