Mp3 to audio cd



Hey everybody,

Does someone know where I can download a program or utility to write mp3 files to an audio cd,so I can listen the tracks on a stereo.




You don’t need such a prog. U can just
drag & drop the mp3 files into the layout
screen (if you’re using Nero or EZCD 4)
and then create an audio cd.

The tracks will be converted by the program
and burned as an audio cd.


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It’s risky to do such a thing with the burning program! 1 error in a file, and the burnprogram terminates with an errormessage -> you can throw you cd out of the window. Use Winamp (yes Winamp) to convert the MP3s to wavs. You can do that by changing the output from [something,default] to [Nullsoft Diskwriter Plugin], in “right mouse -> options -> preferences”. Now you’ve converted your mp3 player to a mp3towav convertor.

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And delete than the 2 second gap between de songs if you gonna burn them, you can do this to with nero


On the advise of some good friends on this forum, what i did was to use WINAMP, go to the options >plugins >output > select the diskwrite null something or other. Now click on configure & select a folder of where u want the WAV files to b stored. Now make a play list of all the MP3 files u wish 2 convert and press play. Winamp will play the list extremely fast and u will hear no audio. If u look in the folder u selected earlier u will see all the songs in WAV format. Now simply lauch EZCD Creator 3.5 etc. Select an Audio layout go to the folder that holds ur wavs, highlight all the wavs and drag them to the bottom window. Click on create CD and bob’s ur uncle u now have created an audio CD.


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