MP3 to Audio CD - Problems with Clubland type music

Well I have been using a utility called “MP3 CD Convertor” for a while to convert MP3 files to normal audio tracks. I usually have a MP3 DVD with full albums in MP3 format (I don’t like buying music and then finding out it is absoloute rubbish!) Anyway for the titles with individual tracks (Such as Now Music 60) the tracks don’t continue into each other, so the CD plays as it should.

HOWEVER, on ‘Clubland’ type music where the tracks ‘merge’ into each other there is always a slight pause in the music while the next track is seeked. I don’t want to make the album a huge mp3 file as then I would lose track selection.

What is a good utility to try and get rid of this problem? I have tried using NERO but it’s too advanced and dosen’t seem to fare much better.


There are programs out there that say they remove the end the mp3 which has the pause but I don’t think they work very well and use Nero Wave Editor to remove the silence and make the tracks seemless. It takes longer but it’s worth it.

Failing that, if you like the mp3, why note buy the CD???

It’s a problem with MP3 format.
You have to manually delete remaing silence and burn with something like Feurio:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing it maunually for years, I shall try this automated method. @Evolva some mixes cannot be bought, some can.

My automated method entails decoding the MP3’s to WAV’s and then using WaveTrim to trim the digital silence off of the WAV’s, and then loading the WAV’s into the burning software.