MP3 to AAC in ITunes



I’ve been using ITunes for a couple of year now. Most of the time I’m copying CD’s (WAV) files into ITunes. Once in, I can edit the entry’s.

Yesterday, I imported an MP3 disk with about 150 songs into ITunes with no problems. The problem I have is that I cannot edit the title, artist, album information in ITunes.

I know I can always import into my computer with NERO or Windows Media Player, and then burn as WAV to CD’s and then bring into ITunes, but is there an easier way to enable me to edit the title / artist / album in ITunes?



Check the .MP3 files to see if the ID3 tag(s) are there or messed up. IIRC if the tags are ok then iTunes should be able to handle them. Plenty of free ways to work with the tags (The GodFather, WinAmp, etc.).


Check that the MP3 files themselves don’t actually have the “read-only” attribute set.

Are you sure iTunes fully imported the MP3s (loaded them onto your hard drive)? If they’re still only physically on the CD then that would certainly explain why you can’t change any of the info.


How do you like The GodFather?


Good software to quickly rename tags and rebuild filenames from those tags. You can also use it to contact freedb to retag albums for you if they’re properly sequenced.


The GodFather can be somewhat overwhelming but I use it when I’ve got a big or complicated job to retag, usually I edit individual tags in WinAmp.


Thanks for all your help, turns out I imported via Itunes, but the files were still physically on the CD, and not in Itunes. Funny, I thought when you imported files, that they would actually be put on your HD.


With audio-CDs, definitely. But it would seem that iTunes isn’t smart enough to properly handle MP3-CDs.