Mp3 thinks its a WAV

Ok, i ripped a piece of audio from an avi file using Virtual Dub, now the audo clip is fine it plays in winamp, the file registers as 121Kbps Lame MP3 but its still calling itself a WAV, the reason i need it to work as an MP3 is because i want to play it on my portable MP3 player and in this state it wont work, ive tried using CDEX and EAC but they wont convert this file, if anybody can help i’d appreciate it.

Heres what Winamp says, as you can see stuff like this really aint my strongpoint :sad:

It’s probably a riff-wav file. I believe Virtual Dub saves audio files out of video tracks that way.

Try using CDEX and select convert compressed audio files to wav and select that file. Then reconvert it to an mp3.

sorted it already used M$ sound recorder using the method you described then it converted to mp3 just fine.

Have you tried using VirtualDubMod to “Demux” it to mp3?