Mp3 tag / file manager help finding a good one



Hey guys, i was just curious if anyone would recomend a good MP3 Tag / file manager program, i’ve been using and loving mp3 tag studio by magnus brading software and its great but the author hasnt had the time to update the program bugs for vista. My next choice was tag & rename but it doesnt have a shell command to allow direct manipulation of file names and tag information based on eachother. so heres the bottom line:

I’d love to find a tag / file manager that can do the following:
manipulate tag or file names based on pre-set commands by right clicking

rename file names based on tags by right clicking

rename tags based on file names by right clicking

perhaps auto search tag information based on other tag information or file information hopefully again by right clicking

and lastly auto-search for covers based on tag and or file names.

any thoughts? by the way the mp3 tag studio if some of you havnt checked it out is awesome, im thiknking of making a xp virtual machine just so i can continue to use that software =P wish the author would update it to do the auto-tagging, then it would own.


Hi and Welcome!

Have you already had a look at MP3tag? I am not sure if it has all the features you want, but it is worth having a look at;)