MP3 sued again - Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, James Taylor this time

I just posted the article MP3 sued again - Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, James Taylor this time. has always been one of the leading websites on MP3 technology. The founder of is currently busy with his new project Lindows that was sued by Microsoft because of an alleged abuse…

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The Bleh Song ----- “Bleh Blah Blaat” copyrighted, use it and pay :slight_smile:

As I posted on :slight_smile: It looks like these artists are once again using the Law (and its defects) to make some quick cash. I would prefer to see artists put some time in making good music, perform concerts, etc. They will make money this way as well as give the customers what they want. But instead, they prefer the RIAA method that does no good what so ever for the public. :frowning:

These stupid f-*kheads should be glad that there are still brainless softy’s that listen to their weak, whinin-ass ‘music’… Now they even want to make a dollar or two. I say f-*k 'em. :stuck_out_tongue:

Old farts never die. They just sue because they can’t earn a decent buck from their crappy music anymore.

Does anyone actually listen to thses artists anymore :d Anyway the service allowed people who had actually purchased the orignal CD to listen to it over the internet. Now what the f…k is wrong with that???