Mp3 starts and stops

I created my first mp3 disk. I used Exact Audio Copy, Lame 398, burned with Nero6 and used Sony cd-r. When I finished I played it back and that’s when the problem appeared.
All the songs will play and sound great, but then they stop and start during play, so apparently I’ve done something wrong? All my wave file disks play perfectly. So I don’t think it’s my player. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.
thanks, foghat

Do the MP3s play fine from HDD, (all the way through), before burning on disc?..And your player [B]does[/B] support MP3 CD playback right?..

This might sound like the usual Ho-Hum … but it’s likely your media isn’t compatible with your player, your player is having trouble reading the disc.
Try a different CDR type :wink:
You can also try burning your CDR at a slower speed, like 16x or 24x for a desktop burner … or 8x if you have laptop CD/DVD writer.