MP3 Sound quality problems

I have been experimenting with burning mp3’s, after burning and playing in my dvd player(Panasonic DVD RA 60)the sound is naturally compressed but also it sounds as though it has dropouts like a tape would. It sounds bad. I have tried all types of bitrates/slower speeds, etc. I am using Alto MP3 maker(latest version)to convert and Nero 6( do the burning. I’ve searched the forums on this particular topic and found nothing regarding this ‘sound quality’ issue. Alto uses LAME, the latest version I believe. Question is, is Nero to blame here or something else I overlooked/forgot to set, etc. I am using Imation cdrw media since I am still testing. Burner is TDK 4800B with latest firmware. Of course WAV files sound perfect when burned but mp3’s are quite another matter.:confused:

do the mp3s sound ok before u burn them?

I will have to listen before I burn, I assume I can do that with Nero right?

latest version of lame?? that would be an alpha or a beta right now

corrupt mp3’s can be caused by the fact that one or more codecs are installed

i would advice to rip the music to mp3 wiht (CDex or eac with the lame codec)…then burn them with nero if you want
You could try to burn them a bit slower,some dvd/cd players seem to like slower burned cd’s

Having same problems. Replaced sound card. The source WAV file quality is OK, so are WMA and other PCM formats. MP3 sounds clipped and distorted. Using CollEditPro to create WAV files from records and tapes and FM programs of high quality. But the MP3 files are poor.

What is the cause of the problem?

Thanks for reviving a 5+ year old thread…:wink:
I’m not familiar with “CoollEditPro” now Adobe Audition, however
do you now have good quality wav files on PC? Do they sound good to you before converting?
Does CoolEditPro convert them to mp3? What settings?
There are other Apps that will encode to good quality mp3’s…


I am a new user at this site and saw your posting regarding audio dropout problems.
My problem is the same audio dropouts. Have you found a solution to fix the problem with a mp3 by rerecording through a mixing type of program?

Please let me know.