MP3 sound preferred by young people

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Years of experiments by a Stanford University music professor found that his incoming students actually prefer the sound of MP3, despite its low quality.
Jonathan Berger presented his findings at a…

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" There are definitely some audiophiles lurking on this site. Does the news make you die a little inside?"

No, it just shows how much hearing damage our youth have from listening to music too loud, ie rap music playing in the car at over 100db. I have a couple people with sound systems in their cars that shake my house from the street outside when they drive by. I can only imagine being in that car having my ear drums blown out. That isn’t listening to music, it is saying, “Hey look at me!!! I got nothing better else to spend my money on!! Look how shallow I am!! I figure everyone loves my music so I am going to play it real loud!!”

You have to have hearing damage to not notice a mp3 track. I can tell a mp3 by how it “washes” out the high frequencies. It is really apparent when someone hits a cymbal in a song, for me. Also, with the “loudness” wars being in full force, the dynamic range compression applied to CD’s to make them as loud as humanly possible, converting to a lossy format just makes it sound all that more horrible. It is really ridiculous. If you ever had good audio equipment, you will know what I am talking about. And these record companies wonder why no one buys their tripe. That and the fact that today’s music is shallow and these so called singers need to sell sex just to make their records sell. My wife, for instance, is a little younger than me and listens to today’s music. She made the comment one day, “She is an excellent singer and she even writes her own music.” I was like, “What is so special about writing your own songs? Back in the day, they did that all the time.” Most of these pop diva’s or their ilk don’t even write their own songs. No wonder they have a very short half-life in the showbiz. Some of the bands I listen to, are still selling records after 30 years. Can you say that about any of these pop diva’s? Maybe a very select few if any.

Sorry for the long post…

They are used to mp3s, thats why. The end is near i say.

When i was young we had computer games on tape cassettes, and they sounded far superior to mp3 and flac!!!1

Shaolin sez: “I have a couple people with sound systems in their cars that shake my house from the street outside when they drive by.”

GET OFF MY LAWN!!! :wink:

Ahh so you are one of those worthless bastards arent you!!! HAH I knew it!!

I have a question… why spend hundreds if not thousands on hi-tech hi definition audio players to play low quality mp3 files on them?
I also think that the lower the quality, the louder the song sounds.
Isn’t louder always better to an untrained ear?
The mid range is always boosted and the music is very basic sounding. High quality recordings often need equalization because of the higher frequencies. :doh: That’s work and people are too lazy.

LoL! I am just a worthless bastard! I hate Rap though…I rank it right up there with country “music”.

Get off my lawn is a line from the excellent Clint Eastood film: Gran Torino- he tells some punk gang kids, that play loud Rap music in their car as they troll the neighborhood, that are becoming a pain in his ass, to get off his lawn. Then gives them the famous Eastwood grimace. They left…

I think mp3’s have come a long way. 10 years ago they were all 128kbps. Now they seem to be 192kbps-256kbps VBR encoded with LAME. The quality is much better. Not on par with a CD or Record but pretty good. If you took the crapfest of mp3’s that used to circulate the internet it’d be easy to choose cd, now that people make high quality mp3’s the gap isn’t quite as large.

mp3’s are still crap for music quality as the bitrate is too low and is lossy. FLAC is far better.

Yea, I saw the movie twice, excellent flick!!

Sometimes, with Flac, you can almost get 50% compression which is not bad for lossless. I do like Ape Monkey Audio too. It also has good compression also and is lossless.

You don’t, you spend that kind of money to play lossless, CDs, Vinyl, Blu-Ray Audio, etc… The lower the quality the crappier the song sounds. It will NOT sound louder and it will not have more dynamic range. High quality recordings do NOT need equalization. The effort was spent to make them high quality to begin with so that you can reap the benefits on a half decent or better system. Where are you getting your ideas from???

Well, to be honest and fair, if you want to judge MP3, you have to do some hearing test or ABX the songs (of course, if we’re talking over 192kbps here)… but surely that means NOT that i am an mp3 “boy”…
For me, the physical existence of the media puts the rules, be it an Audio CD, a Vinyl record or even an old twirly cassette recorded from the radio in 1975 and left on the side of a stove (yep, i have a few of these)… I just always prefer the original sound that came from the band, no matter how $H!@^#^ it gets at times, as long as i know that this how it was played, so to hell with MP3s and re-mastering, I shall always go physical, lossless and original :bow:

PS: and if I have to go lossy, OGG All the way!! (or AAC if i had to :rolleyes: )

What you need to do is get some music that wasn’t dynamically compressed to death like early 80’s or 70’s and then convert to mp3. It will be more apparent. With today’s music, they jack up the loudness to the point of distortion so if you converted to mp3 it would sound probably nearly the same or even worse due to all the distortion. Metallica, Death Magnetic, is a prime example what I am talking about. The CD version sounds so horrible. If you look at the waveform, you can see how much DRC they used. They compressed the hell out of that entire album. What was funny and sad about the whole thing, Lars Ulrich said he listened to it in his car for a week and didn’t notice anything wrong. I guess standing next to those amplifiers all those years ruined his ears to make a dumb statement like that.

I agree with you. Ogg to me sounds better than mp3.

Whars the flash mp3 player boom boxes.
This should definitely be the future, but there are so very few out there.
I stumbled onto a Coby MP-C341 at Rosses for $15. (on sale).
nobody even noticed what is was.
It is kind of goofy packaging, but nice functionally.
I have another cool palm sized unit that I had to get from Hong Kong off ebay from FiiO in China.

[B]Portable FiiO S3[/B]

Yes you can use your phone ipod etc, but nothing with decent speakers in a boom box format.

What do you think?

Just one more post please.
Info on the above player can be found at:


shaolin007: have you ever done a blind test (ABX) between a properly encoded MP3 file and the original? I think you would be pleasantly surprised. And actually, MP3 files sourced from loud sounds can sound worse because they require more bits to sound transparent, so they’re not loud for this reason. They’re loud because louder sounds better according to some research. If you take the same mastered track and play it twice but the second time increase the loudness by 1dB or so, the louder one will sound better to most people.

And in a news article, you shouldn’t use an objective statement like: “…prefer the sound of MP3, despite its low quality.”

MP3s have the ability to sound transparent from their source, which does not make them low quality.

Read over at some, there’s some good information about lossy codecs and how to properly to an ABX test.

And just to make it clear, I’m not a MP3 fan boy, I prefer FLAC for my backups and would even prefer FLAC to be bought from online stores… but that’s a pipe-dream at the moment…

I don’t think this study was conducted correctly with accurate blind tests and is all subjective.

Sorry if this comes off as an attack… I just don’t like misinformation.

There is a perfectly logical explanation to this.
When you listen to ugly music, the better the sound, the uglier it gets. No wonder they prefer mp3 sound.

Never did a blind test per se but I have had several instances of someone listening to a mp3 track and then let me listen to the same track without knowing it is mp3 and I guessed what it was every time. The mp3’s were around ~250 VBR Lame encoded. Mp3’s, even encoded with Lame, still have a washed out sound. Also, loud is good but only when you have silence in your music. Being loud all the time gets tiring to your ears. Classical music is a good example of being loud yet silent too.