MP3 Software

Hi Gang,

I have about 300 CD’s in my audio collection. I want to rip them to my computer as MP3’s and then transfer them to my IPOD. I own every CD, so there is nothing illegal going on here, but I have this issue when ripping my audio files to my computer.

I want the files to be ripped to specific directories. Most MP3 ripping software will do this, but, I’m running into this problem.

I want them ripped to:

C:\MP3<artists name>\Song title

Most software again, will do this with switches in the options, but, I have several different CD’s that are on Various Artists CD’s. When the software detects that the artists name directory has been created during a previous rip, it doesn’t place the song in the existing directory, it automatically creates a new directory then the artists directory then the song title like this:

C:\MP3\various artists\artists name\song title

Does anyone know of software that will automatically check for existing directories, or a switch setting in some software ripper that will do this? It’s really annoying as I don’t want to rip each song title manually so it’s placed in the proper artists directory created during a previous rip.

Anyone have any suggestions? I"ve tried a multitude of software packages but all do the same thing. Apparently, they either don’t check for an existing directory, or the switch forces the creation of a new directory.


Hi and Welcome!

indeed, all CD rippers use the [I]disc information[/I] to create the directory structures on the harddisk. So there is nothing left than move the files from >various artists< to the place where they should belong.


You could use tag managing software like The GodFather to arrange the files after you rip them.