MP3 Search engines

Lil quest 4 you all???

Are there other progs like kazaa & audiogalaxy???

Yes??? please let me know…



Originally posted by mobil
Are there other progs like kazaa & audiogalaxy???


there 's something like “milky way” or something like that???

Don’t know the link

grokster, morpheus, limewire, bearshare, gnutella, winmx, fxp!

and audio galaxy (50% web based)

He already mentioned that one!


But still can’t find one song

[Clouseau - het is voor jou dat ik leef]


ups, yea, he mentioned it already… but audiogalaxy sux.

Kazaa, Morpheus, and Grokster are the best three.

And maybe the unstoppable gnutella network.

You should definately try

I found ATB’s “Till I Come” and many more that I couldn’t even find on EDonkey!

THX for helping but can’t find the fucking dutch song


You can’t find every mp3/wma/ogg/wav files in the planet if nobody is sharing the file…

I’m also looking for Band songs but can only find 3 out of 15.

All files of the full CD are available xcept this one